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There are currently four books in the Ruben Carver series. A hardboiled romp with an NCIS Special Agent that features exotic locations, international intrigue, and a lot of ass kicking.



A Ruben Carver Novel Book 1

Three agents are dead and one missing in what was supposed to be a cookie cutter operation in support of the Seventh Fleet's visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The culprits initially suspected were members of an Indonesian terrorist group with connections to Al Qaeda.

Special Agent Ruben Carver, as the NCIS Case Agent, takes a small, hand picked team to Singapore to begin unraveling the mystery. 

The story, set in Southeast Asia, is the first book in the Ruben Carver series. A man tolerated by the agency's hierarchy because he's most effective when he lands “in the shit [sic]”. In truth, a six foot two, two hundred and twenty pound shit magnet, who lives by the maxim: “You can never have too many friends or bullets.”

"Grabs your attention from the first page and keeps on going until the end." J Brennan


China Code

A Ruben Carver Novel Book 2

NCIS Special Agent Ruben Carver is back on the job, after three months in the penalty box. The ink hadn't even dried yet, on the results of the internal affairs investigation from his last mission, but he's off the bench and headed for Shanghai. 

He's been assigned the task of locating and neutralizing a hacker who's been picking the DoD's pockets clean of classified and military critical technologies. Linked to that is the carved-up body of a U.S. Army military intelligence case officer, pulled from Shanghai's Huangpu river.

What Carver discovers is another operation being funded by the international cabal known as The Board and the most dangerous adversary of his career: a woman known by international law enforcement only as Qu. When they meet, Buddha's lesson is realized--"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." 

"Makes the folks on the NCIS TV show look like a bunch of wusses." Traveller.


The istanbul Agent

A Ruben Carver Novel Book 3

A DARPA scientist, with a proclivity for bio-weaponry and genocide, has gone missing in Istanbul. Art Sheppard, the new Chief of the CIA's Near East and South Asia Division, suspects the involvement of an arcane, international cabal referred to only as The Board.

Sheppard's last encounter with the group was on the heals of a near-miss operation in Shanghai run by NCIS Special Agent Ruben Carver. A man with a reputation for heavy-handed conflict resolution and an uncanny survival instinct, who'd already faced The Board twice.

With intelligence leaks in the Agency compromising his operation, Sheppard is approved to enlist the assistance of NCIS and Carver. The mission is to fly in, find the traitor, put the grabs on him and devise an extraction, without involving in-country CIA or military support.

A simple plan complicated by The Board's own interest in retaining the scientist's services, along with his life's work: A bacterial agent, once weaponized, that is a potential planet killer.

The Istanbul Agent is another wild ride for Ruben Carver. A fast-paced tale of intrigue that introduces his match in the form of an Israeli counterintelligence specialist. The kind of woman he wouldn't mind spending time with, if he doesn't catch his death first.

"A hero novel for a darkened world. Not for the faint of heart." Bryan Mark



A Ruben Carver Novel Book 4

Ruben Carver is back! The fourth novel of the series featuring the hardboiled NCIS Special Agent. A character driven suspense thriller that weaves procedure with fast action.

Carver, along with his main squeeze Rivka Levitan, are in San Diego, and it's no vacation. They've been pulled in to help counter an international terrorist bent on murder and mayhem in the Southern California beach paradise.

A story steeped in current geopolitics straight out of front page news. Carver is on the clock to stop a plan that could affect U.S. military readiness on a massive scale.

It's like the man said: “It's only fiction 'cause it hasn't happened yet.”

Seay signs Carver up for another over the top mission that will not disappoint his readers.” J Quigley